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Marika Kontellis



Marika is a relationship manager. She knows how to push people out of their comfort zone and support them to participate in thinking to progress the common good. She has highly developed facilitation skills and an intuitive style that brings the best out of people. She is strategic and can assess operating environments with ease. Her frontline social work experience brings credibility to her leadership advice when she supports social care organisations to understand their communities, predict future customer needs and honestly review service models. Marika is a past member of the Disability Council of NSW, the Guardianship Tribunal of NSW and was, until 2012, an elected Local Government Councillor.


BA (Welfare Studies), Bachelor Social Work, Master of Management (Community). 


Mobile: 0409 076 708


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Gary loves a complex problem in an organisation filled with challenges. His passion and commitment is genuine and his enthusiasm to work towards solutions is admirable. Gary’s amazing analytical ability, negotiation skills and excellent business acumen shine through when he works with Boards and executives struggling to unpack the key issues. His understanding and application of contemporary business and strategic thinking tools bring significant value to each project. He is particularly interested in the supporting “hybrid” organisations focus on their purpose through successful income generating business models.  His extensive experience in leading both a large commercial enterprise and significant not-for-profit organisations, has led him to having a deep understanding of the sector. He lives his values and serves them through volunteering, accepting Board roles and fundraising for causes. Ultimately however it is Gary’s unyielding passion for social entrepreneurship that makes him one of Australia’s social care sector leaders.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons), Masters of Public Health, Masters of Management, Doctor of Business.


Mobile: 0410 427 345



Dr. Gary Jacobson



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Maria Maginness



Maria has used her qualifications in marketing and industrial studies to progress her interest in social care. Her values centre around social justice and her fresh approach to understanding communication and engagement in a digital context is the value she is adding to Zakumi’s customers. Maria has developed deep content knowledge of social care in Australia and loves it when she is able to customise marketing, information and communications to support organisations to communicate and engage. If you are eager to learn how to “like”, “post”, “follow” or build your

“e-campaign”, Maria is eager to support you.


Bachelor of Science (Hons) Marketing, Diploma in Digital Marketing, Industrial Studies Diploma,  Social Media Marketing Diploma




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