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Leadership Lunch- The Care Factor

THe Leadership Lunch took place on 26th October 2016. Please find below two documents in relation to our findings in 2011 and 2016.


In January 2011 Zakumi interviewed and documented conversations with sector leaders to ascertain what they thought the future would bring, the challenges and the opportunities.  Entitled Here, Now and Later that paper provided clear predictions about the impact of the then, impending reforms. Five years later we approached ten other leaders and documented their assessment and opinion about the reforming context and what the future may look like for social and health care. 


“The Care Factor” captures the opinions and thoughts of sector leaders and identifies how the new health and social care markets are being shaped by the fundamental changes in government funding, consumer expectation and technology. What remains resolute however is that without “The Care Factor” the health and well-being of so many will be compromised.








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