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Do you need an MC for your next event?



Marika Kontellis has years of experience as a workshop facilitator and "Mistress"  of Ceremonies. She has facilitated a wide variety of events from small meetings to large conferences. Her charming,engaging style and fantastic sense of humour is always a hit when she takes to the stage. 


Marika understands her role as an MC. She can effectively manage the room, keep speakers to time, connects with the audience and draws everything together in a clear an concise way.


"Dynamic, funny, engaging and respectful" Maree O' Rourke, Executive Director, Community Options Australia


"You will not be disappointed if you get Marika to MC your event. She has an amazing ability to really engage with an audience. She has been the MC for events for my organisations in the past and all our event feedback praised Marika as an MC"

Robyn Cahoun, CEO, Common Equity NSW


If you have an event coming up and would like Marika to be there, please get in touch. If you are a social care organisation and have no budget, talk to us anyway.



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