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We offer more than just training. Our learning and development programs target frontline practitioners, newly appointed managers and senior leaders. We have built connections with experts in business, technology and social care and bring them together to personalise  personal learning and development. Join in on one of our up-and-coming programs or let us tailor-make a learning and development program for your organisation or local region.


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Our Development Approach


We believe that everyone wants to, can and should contribute to delivering on the organisation’s Purpose or Vision. However, there is often a disconnect between the “why’’ and the ‘’how’’ of the organisation. Our programs are designed to bridge this gap so that the workforce is engaged, connected and skilled. All three are needed and our experience indicates that people are often attracted to the social care sector due to its values; they connect and are engage in the cause or philosophy but as times change and the demands on the organisation intensify, many often lack the skills to move with the times.


Consequently, we talk about skills and development as opposed to training. The acquisition of new skills does contain a training component but also requires far more. It necessitates a shift in attitude, behaviour and thinking. It should also be contextualised so that each person draws from their own work experience and is able to assess where it connects with their own life experiences.


Our philosophy is based on:


Grabbing the moment

Realising that everyone can and does contribute

Owning your own learning

Walking the Talk. Doing what you belive is right 

Taking the time to connect, listen and understand
Having and sharing experiences with others



Developing skills takes time and commitment and we ensure that our skills are current and that we are constantly learning. We do this by:


  • Reading extensively on the areas of our passion and developing papers and opinion pieces that we share with others

  • Attending seminars and forums that are thought-provoking and different

  • Taking ourselves out of our comfort zones at times so that we are pushed to perform

  • Sitting on Boards and Committees that provide us with insights and acumen we don’t have and

  • Volunteering in remote indigenous communities to ensure that we always remember what is important.


Learning and Development Programs

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