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Business Development Services

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The way social care will be resourced, accessed and delivered is changing. It is therefore a logical step to question, and re-design your current business models (service models). However, many organisations don’t know how to do this without losing their passion, focus and purpose. There isn’t an organisation in the social care sector that hasn’t been “told’’ that you no longer have clients, but customers. However, there isn’t an organisation in the social care sector that believes their customers are the same as those that purchase online or in a retail outlet. Social care customers are different, and we need different ways of reaching and supporting them. Read more here

Collaboration, Co-design, Amalgamations, Mergers, Acquisitions, Partnerships and Take-Overs. Once the language of corporate Boardrooms, these terms now dominate strategy sessions with most social care organisations.


Developing partnerships and effective relationships takes both time and skill. It rarely occurs naturally or easily, especially when one considers what preceded it. We have developed a support framework that allows organisations to map out how they wish to pursue their purpose; who they align with and what they can expect from those relationships. Read more here

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It makes sense to have a sound and practical way to communicate your offer to those that wish to use your service. Some call this marketing, others use the word positioning, and many will tell you this is branding. To us, it matters little what you choose to call it, rather, what matters is that you understand what it is and how it applies to your organisation.


Social media is being used more and more and has changed the way that people engage and interact. Traditional marketing also has its place but we understand that for many social care organisations, it isn’t a term that brings comfort.


We offer a very simple but contemporary approach to assisting you with developing and delivering your ‘’value proposition’’. We are not marketing gurus, but we are sector gurus and at the end of the day you will know exactly what you need to communicate, to whom and how.  Read more here

Strategy and strategic planning are not the same thing. Yes, you need both but most often organisations are too occupied with developing a strategic plan in the belief that unless they have one, they won’t know what to do. This isn’t the case, especially in times of significant and quite often, disruptive change. The essence of strategy is that it is adaptable and enables organisations to go beyond what they know now. This is key as most often with strategic plans, they are developed based on the things that you are aware of when during a time of change when many things are unknown. It doesn’t really make sense to have a plan that attempts to address the unknown, based on the known!


We offer a highly engaging and forward-thinking alternative to the traditional strategic planning process. Strategy should be dynamic and measurable and at the conclusion of the process you will not only have a clear and measurable strategy but a new set of skills and thinking that will support its implementation. Read more here

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Part of ‘’our collective” work in the sector is to bring about sustained social change. For many of us, this is why we do what we do. Supporting to develop and deliver successful campaigns (advocacy, lobbying, awareness, community education) is a real passion of ours. We work with you to understand the impact and the results you want from your actions.  We offer solutions that will ensure that the issue you have is expertly positioned in the front of the minds of those that count. We can assist with the delivery of the message; building local community awareness on issues, lobbying hard in the corridors of power or ensuring you remain abreast of the latest trends so that your campaign has continued resonance and relevance. Read more here



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