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Campaigns for Change


Is your message getting through?

Are you concerned that what seems obvious to you is being ignored by those that can do something about it?


Mobilising members and supporters if often a valuable but under-used organisational resource.


Common sense may dictate that large numbers of people are needed for successful grassroots lobbying efforts, but it slightly misses the purpose of the movement itself. A grassroots campaign is all about conveying a message to the right people, and having them respond to it. Your grassroots tools should assist in achieving this goal.


In reality, organisations should not run ‘’one-off’’ campaigns but a series of inter-related and aligned mini-campaigns to ensure the message is both repeated and understood. To do this, all you need is three things:

  • Effective targeting - know who needs to hear your message

  • Utilise your supporters – know who they are; what it means to them and why they would get engaged with the cause and;

  • Craft the message – you must be able to lead the audience with the message’s content as well as those that receive it.


If you are thinking of running a campaign; sending out a message that is in effect a call-to-action or considering how best you can position your organisation, please consider us.

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