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Developing or Improving Your Business Model


Is your business model effective?

Have you considered the correct things that need to be changed to ensure you are ready for what lies ahead?


History tells us that successful business models “were created more by accident than by design or foresight, and became clear only after the fact”. This is very true of funded programs that were resourced to deliver activities on behalf of (usually) government. In these cases there was an implied model as organisations received a set amount of funding to undertake a set of pre-determined activities. Critically, these were seldom, if ever, based on the needs of the customer.


We now know that things are dramatically shifting and it is essential we base what we do (or model what we want to do), on what people need. If we don’t know what they need or expect, we cannot possibly know what to deliver.


The way we see it, a social sector business model has two components; the first part is what you offer, or what you do which is almost always a service. The second aspect is all the activities associated with selling it: finding and reaching customers, determining a price, transacting with them, and delivering the service.


Understanding both is fundamental to success and our experience is that many organisations know much more about what they do and much less about how to convey this to those that seek it.


Let us take you through a process and framework that will guarantee that you understand both. Our engaging and interactive set of exercises will challenge you to be clear about the customer segments within which you should operate, your value proposition, pricing and communication channels. At the end of this, you will not be leaving anything to chance; you will not be driven by assumptions; you will have clear evidence to support your decision making and be able to take the risks you need to take to deliver on purpose.


Zakumi is offering you opportunity to take advantage of this framework. We will review your business model, assess its readiness for the customer-led economy of the future and provide you with recommendations about what to do next. This Business Model Project is low cost and exclusively for small and medium sized social care organisations.


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