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Engagement and Marketing


As we move towards an increasingly digital future are you sure that your organisation will be able to sustain its digital footprint? As the social sector gets ready for funding changes have you thought about the impact of your digital presence?


There is an increasing trend to talk about marketing, branding, communication and stakeholder engagement. “ You need a new brand”, “how many followers do you have on Twitter?’ How many likes on Facebook”?. It is as if “marketing” is the answer to all your business challenges. That may be true in other industries (retail, food, travel), but is it the case for the social care sector?


The social sector is different and has different drivers, a different value-base and a different purpose. However, it is essential that we communicate those differences and marketing does have a real place.


Our experience tells us that over the years of competition and competitive tendering, many organisations have deviated from their purpose – their vision. In the desire to be sustainable and seek funding, organisations were led away from from "why" and consequently did different things, some of which were beneficial and others which created organisational vulnerabilities.


Zakumi offers a simple but reliable way for you to stop and think about your purpose. We do this in a way that will enable you to understand your unique differences, what you offer and how this can best be conveyed to your customers. We can help you navigate the digital world, thereby ensuring that if you do choose to use this channel to reach your customers, you will be doing so with maximum effectiveness.


Aside from reviewing your current digital channels or creating new ones, we will also take a look at your digital strategy or assist you to develop one. In addition, given what we have heard from you, we can offer a package of support that will enable you to operationalise your digital communications. This is a low cost, big impact approach to set you on your way to position your purpose and engage with customers in a planned and effective way.

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