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  • Marika Kontellis

I Want to Give Back

Ex bankers, high profile politicians and the business elite are eyeing off Australia’s social care sector as a soft landing place for their last pre-retirement job.

I’ve had a chat to a few new entrants and they all say one thing “I want to give back”. I don’t buy it. “Giving back” could be a sizeable donation or volunteering. Securing a senor paid job in a not for profit is more than giving back. It is a strategic move where Boards are saying the skills this sector needs more than before are outside the sector. It is a strategic move by potential candidates who can see a way to transfer their skills and, finally, at this stage of their career feel that they are driven by their values, rather than by their salary.

This sector can do with new skills, but it also needs “corporate” and “content ” experts who can drive innovation and make Australia’s social care system the best in the world. We have a way to go.

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