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  • Marika Kontellis

Tick Tock- The Clock Won't Stop: NDIS Goes Live Tomorrow

Remember the chaos and conspiracy theories of 1999. The Y2K bug was going to be catastrophic and people everywhere were planning and creating all sorts of scenarios. To be honest however, all I could think of was dancing to Prince – “we gonna party like it's 1999” and really getting excited to be there as the clock ticked into a new year and a new century.

As we know it wasn’t disastrous. Our world did not change as we moved from 1999 to 2000 and life continued as it would have the previous day.

That’s what I think will happen tomorrow as the NDIS goes live across Australia. People with disability and their families will still receive the services they receive today and go about their daily routine as they would have yesterday. As the clock ticks over to 1st July nothing different will necessarily happen- but we will continue to see a sector transition. A care sector that has been planning, jostling, panicking, resisting , maturing and innovating. The thinking and work does not stop tomorrow. In fact it is time to up the ante and create the organisation or services you think will help people live their chosen lifestyles. This is the biggest change in care since Medicare and we are privileged to be part of it.

Zakumi’s extensive work with organisations tells us there are 5 key priorities organisations should focus on if they want to stand out in the new context. Keep these in mind as you lead your organisation over the next six months;

  1. Your Clear Offer: Be really clear about what benefit or value you are wanting to deliver to people with disability, their families and other businesses. Pick what you are good at. What you are known for and focus on that. Don’t be greedy and pretend you can offer everything- you can’t and you shouldn’t!

  2. Clients to Customers: Don’t just change the title of people you exist to service. Look at your culture and make sure you exist to provide “top notch” customer service.

  3. De-Layer: If you haven’t already, de-layer and de-bureaucratise your organisation. Push your decision makers back to the customer.

  4. Front-line Capability: Invest in the front-line and give them the autonomy they deserve to make a difference for a person and their family. Create self-managed teams that work locally in neighbourhoods or precincts

  5. Technology to Support Your Model: Be wise and use technology to support your models of business- don’t depend on technology to do everything, but get rid of clunky expensive systems that did no more than help you report to government on your funding.

Enjoy the ride

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